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We are living in a digitally-driven marketplace in which you cannot understate the importance of professional website design in your business. A professionally-designed website should not only be aesthetically attractive but also critical in making your brand stand out in today’s competitive world wherein the competitor is just a click away. Web or website design can be a stupendous process for your venture but there are some essential features you must consider to have on your website. The first thing in the list is to have a catchy and appealing URL but ensure that the URL is relevant to your business. Having chosen your domain, you would need to build out the website.

There are some more essential features you must have in your website to ensure that your customers enjoy a positive experience on your website.

Below are the essential features that you must consider before designing a website.

Aesthetic Appeal

For marketing your business, one of the first things that you must focus on is attractive website design. The reason behind this logic is that the first impression is the last impression and your website does it for you by creating the first impression of your company. The design should look professional and should always stand out considering the competition in the market. If a website is smartly designed, it is an assurance that you will have more visitors on your website and they will be highly impressed as well. This will convey a vibe of trust and enhance their engagement level on your website.

Mobile Responsive

In consonance to emerging technologies, smart phones have taken all of us to some next level and have now become an integral part of our lives. If we do not consider smart phones while creating a website, we are not doing justice with our business. Hence, a mobile-responsive website is a certain need for any of the businesses. People are getting more and more dependent on their mobile devices and have easy access to the web through them. While searching on the web on their smart phones, if they visit your website, you want to make sure that the website you have designed is functioning properly. This is why considering the mobile responsiveness during the web designing phase is critically important, apart from the fact that the website looks simple, attractive and is easy to navigate while using the smart phone.

User-friendly Interface

Menu-driven web page is considered user friendly, which implies that your website should imbibe a simple and easy-to-use navigation. This gives an assurance to your website visitors that they do not get irritated in finding out things on your website. It is quite obvious that your website will have multiple pages and you would need to make a clear differentiation between various pages or sections on your website. Hence, a user-friendly interface will simplify the complexity of your website leaving the visitors with a ‘wow’ feeling. Such interface will allow your visitors navigate through your website with sheer ease, which will provide them with better engagement and eventually they will stay on your website for more time.

Make your content actionable

The content that has been put on your website under various heads must be actionable. So, here is a question for you, is your content actionable? The answer is ‘No’ if website design is not converting. To enable your content and make it actionable, include company’s contact details and some of the buttons, such as “Buy Now” so as to encourage visitors move to the next step of the business. Actionable content is designed to engage visitors and convert them into customers. Before making the purchase, website visitors would need to-the-point information in order to lead them through the website in the fashion you want. Though it is very basic but an experienced web designer would help you ensure that your contact details are on the top right corner of your website.

Engaging ‘About Us’ Section

‘About Us’ section is one of the most premium spaces of a website wherein you can clearly display yourself to the visitor in terms of who you are and what you do. It is the space where you need to grab visitors’ attention and convert them into customers. However, most of the people don’t even care about the ‘About Us’ section and leave it boring or the page is not at all designed from a customer’s perspective. One cannot deny the fact that a customer drives your business and that is why your company should exist for your customer. This is the reason why ‘About Us’ page should talk the language of your customer rather than your own.

Apart from the customer’s language, the website should also draw a caricature of the people behind your company. This will ensure that your customers know that they are working with the right people. They should definitely know the people who are making their lives better. The ‘About Us’ page should contain all the information in terms of how you are benefitting your visitors. An experienced web designer will always be helpful for planning the most appropriate way to finalize your ‘About Us’ page, which should be in line with the business.

Content is the Key

Content is something that cannot be compromised while designing a website for your business. The quality content will justify your marketing efforts and also enable you in sharing your story in the wisest fashion. Content will play an important role in attracting your target market by explaining what you do and how you do. The content should also be written in such a way that it can be copied to your email newsletter. It is needless to mention that the website content should be engaging as well as informative and also be in line with the interest of your customers.

The content on your website will play an important role in routing the visitors towards your product and will also enable them to provide an experience that is flawless and compelling. Hence it is always critical to sharpen your content axe so that the message is shared in an appealing and intelligent way.

Effective Content Management System (CMS) and Robust Structure

The platform on which your website will be designed is also an essential feature to considered while website designing. The platform cannot be underrated as it will have a magical impact on the usability and efficiency of your website in terms of its content and interactivity. Hence the technical aspect and structure of a website is equally important for the website’s performance, which cannot be overstated. There are a few things to be considered when it comes to posting content and customizing it for search engines. This is where an effective CMS and robust structure come into picture.

While choosing a CMS, consider the following points:
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Easily accessible and editable from all devices
  • Loads quickly on the website
  • SEO ready
  • Globally used by website designers and developers and frequently updated

Your Web Designing Partner

All the points and details mentioned above need to be achieved for a great website experience. To achieve all this, you will need an outstanding web designing partner to apply all the things discussed. The web design company will help you design, write and market your website. The company will also help you save time and money.

Hence there are important considerations you must make before finalizing the web designing partner:
  • How well they know details about the essential elements
  • What is their proposal and how will they incorporate the essential elements
  • What are their achievements in this field and how they have succeeded in the past
  • Analyze some of their website designs critically and then finalize the creative, established and experienced website designers

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