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Today we are living in a world, which involves ultra-high technology where professionals are deeply integrated in e-communication with businesses. At 99 App Technologies, we implement best methods to provide our client with the most reliable services. 99 App Technologies also masters in offering the best-in-class internet marketing, which involves Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Optimisation (SMO).

Developing a website involves huge work, which is broadly known as Web Development. It can span from developing a simple single page to a much more complex web-based applications. Web development involves many other things, such as web engineering, web content development, web design and e-commerce development etc.

Web development plays a crucial role in any business. To market your business, you must have a website which acts as an important hub of information and a place where you can have business interaction with your customers/clients. Your website can do a lot of things for you.

A website can be your:

  • Online business listing, which contains all the important details of your business
  • Brochure, which displays your services you offer and products you have for your customers
  • Sales pitch or your unique selling proposition (USP), which makes you unique in your business
  • Customer-service portal, which contains of important information (FAQs) and other relevant information meant for your current and prospective clients
  • Mode of attracting more and more new visitors via SEO mechanism
  • Online store where you can sell your products round the clock

For a website to play all the roles just discussed, you would need an experienced and professional web developer who is competent & reliable and trustworthy who can help you achieve growth and success online. 99 App Technologies comes with all these specialties and we can have an intense and long-term relationship. We at 99 App Technologies focus on providing you with multiple versions and improvements to your website to help you evolve your business to touch a new horizon. We believe in making our customers feel comfortable confident when they work with us because we smartly understand what is to be achieved with a website.

Essential Aspects of Web Development

To have clear understanding of web development so that you can have an idea how to shape the future of your website, you should know some of the essential aspects of web development.

Web Development is never complete in one go

Most of our customers come with a question, “By when our website be completed/finished? The question may be simple but the answer is not because web development is not at all a tick-mark activity. To give a dynamic online presence to your website and your business, we development is an ongoing process, which continues to compete and grow.

Just like your business, web development also has a life cycle and the initial creation of your website is mere the first stage of the cycle. The way your business scales up and evolves with due course of time, your website will also need to accommodate to fit growing needs of your growing business. During this process, need may arise wherein you may incorporate some more functionalities to your website in order to offer new platforms to your visitors so that they may feel comfortable while interacting with content.

The website will also encounter the need to get revamped over the period of time so that it can synchronise with the constantly changing digital demands and web trends. There was a time when websites were developed exclusively for desktops but the scenario has changed today and now there is a need of developing a website that is responsive to all the available devices today. As a matter of fact, now there is a need of a website that supports all the devices, browsers and multi-media formats.

Hence considering a professional and experienced web development company like 99 App Technologies is quiet important in order to get an effective website. We advise you not to choose a website development company exclusively on the price parameter for the initial website development. If you select a web development company only on the price parameter, you may end up paying a much higher price in the long race. Professional and experienced web developers know what they do and they are also up-to-date on the current best practices in the market and focus on the changes in the web-based horizon. They possess sound knowledge on multiple platforms, Content Management System (CMS) and also clearly explain the reason of recommending a specific choice for a website.

It is also important to ensure that the team you choose makes you comfortable with concepts of web development and also understands goals, objectives, vision and mission of your company.

User Experience should be on the top

Website designs comes with many parameters and looks of a website is one of them. Though slick and stylish looks of a website are important, but other parameters matter too. Apart from good looks, a website should act so as to bring more and more customers to your business. Performance of the website should be kept on the top during web development so as to provide customers with exceptional user experience.

During web development, be cautious about:

  • Fancy animations can affect page load times and your website visitors can lose their patience and leave the website in no time.
  • Large file sizes (such as videos) can make your website respond slowly. For this reason, your web development company should be efficient to keep the bloat to a minimum level and also ensure that items load without any lag.
  • Innovative browsing options are also important to make the navigation intuitive so as to encourage visitors to spend more time on the website. It is undeniably important to include engaging videos, menus with pictures and supporting tabs in a website, but it is the responsibility of a web developer to make your business unique and intuitive.
  • Functionality does matter and it matters a lot when it comes to web development. Hence the functionality of your website should offer your visitors an easy to use and intuitive navigation.

Needless to mention but your business website must be capable of handling all the business activities that are needed from it. All such needs and purposes of your website must be clearly communicated to a web developer.

In case you have an online selling business, you must share every minute detail you’re your web developer, such as shopping features you want to have in your website, any additional security feature you want to include to keep the information secured and safe, need of interactive elements etc.

You are advised to never take it for granted that the web developer you have hired will include the features that you want to have in your website. It is recommended to provide them with specific and detailed requirements while you are explaining your requirements to them in order to avoid any misunderstanding or any other adverse impact. This is because no one knows your business better than you and the web developer is no different.

Always be Equipped with a Management Plan

Hiring just a web development team for developing a website for your business is good, but you will also need to be equipped with a management plan. This will be needed to get more value out of your business website by managing and updating the content in-house as and when required. This will provide you with complete control upon your costs and you will also be able to make sure that the amount of money you have invested in your business website is spent on more on the technological front. It will also enable you to make changes to the content without depending upon anyone else.

Hence, it is very important to choose an intuitive and easy-to-use CMS , which will regularly enable you to add new content, such as products and web pages.

At 99 App Technologies, we focus on Keeping your content up-to-date because you can lose a customer if the website content is not accurate. If your website visitors have even a small amount of confusion or doubt, they will visit your competitor’s website and chances are that they can choose your competitor over you. We help you not to lose customers this way.

It is important to have complete control of your website content, which includes adding and editing. To cater to this requirement of yours, there are numerous CMS platforms available in the market and are intuitive and easy to use. Here are some of the examples of common CMS platforms:

No Need to Initiate from Scratch

A range of common CMS is just shared, which are used to build your business website. Most of the CMS work on the same platforms, but to a matter of surprise websites that are built on a commonly used CMS can have a completely different look from their counterparts.

As web developers have worked with clients and used various CMS platforms, you can customise an already used CMS platform and hence there is no need start from scratch. If you try to start from scratch, it can be more expensive and also difficult to manage and update the website content.

On the flip side, CMS, such as WordPress is used for numerous websites for so many years. This is evidence that it is a robust and well-tested CMS and hence leads you on a road to success.

Make Sure that you Manage Ownership

Managing ownership is one of the most crucial points but it is also one of the most commonly one, which most of the business owners overlook during web development.

To take care of this, you must ensure that all the elements of your website mentioned below are in your name:

  • Domain name purchase
  • Domain registration
  • Website hosting
  • Any other software, plugins or apps for the website
  • Images, videos and audio elements
  • CMS licenses
  • Other software used to build your website

If your web developer purchases the above mentioned elements for you, ensure that all of them are in your name and you also get receipts and license agreements of the same. This practice will allow you to manage ownership of elements of your website and you will also be able to easily upgrade or renew any items as per the need.

Understanding these essential elements of web development can save you time and money and you can have a sound experience during web development. At 99 App Technologies, we take care of all these things. You can Call or email us for discussing the business requirements.

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Website Creation CostWebsite Package DetailsGet Started Now
INR 5,000 Only3 Pages,1 Banner,Free Logo, Dynamic Website, Free Domain (.in Only), Hosting Free for 1st year, Contact Form-1 etc
Package Details
INR 10,000 Only5 Pages, Slider, Free Logo, Dynamic Website, Free Domain,Hosting Free for 1st year, Contact Form-1 etc
Package Details
INR 15,000 Only10 Pages, Slider, Free Logo, Dynamic Website, Free Domain, Hosting Free for 1st year, Contact Form-1 etc
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INR 25,000 OnlyE-Commerce Website Development Costs Up To 50 Products
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