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We are living in a world where we are socially more connected through our devices like never before. There are number of optimization strategies you need to have in order to cut through your target audience for enhancing your business. You would be happy to know that there are so many optimization techniques, which can be employed for achieving your business objective. These techniques are cost effective and also offer higher return of investment (ROI) if compared with the conventional optimization methods.

One such widely used optimization technique is social media, which cannot be understated in a world where most of the things are online. In such a short span of time, social media has created an important and irreplaceable space for itself. And it has also happened only in recent past that more and more businesses have included social media in their optimization techniques. As a matter of fact, you would be surprised to know that most of such businesses are completely unaware of the fact that why they have entered into this space – there is no set goal or strategy for including this technique. Businesses have multiple social media accounts across various social media channels and the aim is to generate traffic towards their businesses and as a result get leads from these social media platforms. we help you achieve this objective.

Social Media Approach at 99 App Technologies

Robust strategy is one of the strong pillars to start any social media campaign for any business. For this very reason, we conduct business analysis with you so that we can devise a tailored optimization and social media strategy for your business. Our main objective is to route traffic to your website by building the targeted audience by identifying the stage on which you are while we focus on this optimization strategy.

Creating the impact on social media so as to route the traffic to your website is not at all an easy job. We at 99 App Technologies own expertise to create this impact for you because we know that the most authentic social media campaigns are the most successful ones. For this very reason, many businesses have chosen us to treat their social media campaigns. If you also want to create the same impact to your business, you can choose us – we are there to help.

Advertising on Facebook

If you have the Facebook audience or if you need to have one, we are there to help? We can achieve this by creating and customizing your Facebook advertisements with the help of our web designers who can provide you with the exhaustive social media strategy. We identify your business needs and develop an online marketing strategy for you in order to make sure that traffic is routed to your website, which is the ultimate objective of any business.

Social Media Optimization

Though social media is an important part of online optimization strategy for any business, the best results can only be achieved if it is supported by some other techniques as well. To achieve this, we have a team of experts who can tailor an online optimization strategy for your specific business needs. At 99 App Technologies, we are always there to help. To avail our services, you can call or email us and you will be surprised to know that we do not charge anything for consultation.

Why choose 99 App Technologies?

  • Great Reputation: have helped more than 700 clients get their businesses online.
  • Established Business: We are an established company and having our presence in the digital space since 2004.
  • 100% Indian: We are an Indian-owned company and our marketing experts are also Indians.
  • Affordable: We are one of the best service providers in the market, which does not mean that we charge like anything. Our focus is to keep the costs down and deliver the impactful marketing solutions to our clients in order to generate ROI.
  • Great Customer Service: Great Customer Service: We have a team of experienced and professional who is always there to help you.

SMO Packages

Our Social Media packages help you to improve online visibility of your product and services within a short period. We offer a range of affordable SMO packages and can be customized as per your requirements.

SMO Packages


Montly Price 149 USD 249 USD 349 USD
Yearly Price $1788 $1588 $2988 $2788 $4188 $3988
Facebook a/c Page & Fan Page Set-up
Theme Related Cover Photo
Facebook Groups
Posts/Month 30 60 90
Facebook Ads $100 (USD) Extra
Twitter a/c Set-up
Posts/Month 30 60 60
Background Photo
Linkedin a/c Set-up
Posts/Month 30 60 90
Theme Related Cover Photo
Linkedin Ads $100 (USD) Extra
Pinterest a/c Set-up
Pinterest Updates/Month
Monthly Reporting
Reporting and Support      
SMO Report
Google Analytics Report
Customer Support
Email Support
Chat Support
Phone Support

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