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SEO service provider in Noida – Search engines have become specialised tools for potential customers to find businesses of their use. If you have a website and it does not catch eyes of your customers, it may not be worth it. Hence Search Engine optimization (SEO) comes into picture, which enables your website to be at the top and always be visible when somebody searches for the services you provide. This mechanism helps you maximise your website traffic and in turn sales and customers. Technically, search engine optimization is the step by step process, which helps you maximise the number of visitors to your website. This is achieved by ensuring that your website appears top on the list of results that a search engine returns.

Want to found on the top in a search engine? We are there to help…

Search engines use many factors to identify the ranking of a website (Google for instance). At 99 App Technologies is the best SEO service provider in Noida,we focus for our customers to get the most effective results on search engines. We have a team of dedicated website designers and SEO consultants. These experts have a wide experience in search engine optimization and they also keep an eye on the latest search engine trends and developments in the market. We are well known to work exclusively with valid (technically known as white-hat) SEO techniques in order to achieve search engine rankings that are long-term. We are proud to share that we have helped more than 200 clients reach the top on the search engine rankings.

Want to know why SEO should be used? We are there to help…

SEO is one of the renowned cost-effective techniques known for routing sustainable traffic to your business website when someone searches for the services you work for. It is not like pay per click (PPC), which requires you to pay if you want to receive visitors and clicks on your website. On the contrary, SEO technique is completely free and has a long-term impact. SEO is not at all an easy task, however it is considered as a long-term business strategy to move your business to a next level. It can have a long lasting impact on your website traffic if it is done in the right fashion.

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Want to know SEO methodology? We are there to help…

Everything comes with an objective and SEO is no different. The objective of it is to identify keywords (also known as key terms, phrases etc), which your customers may search for on various search engines. You just need to make sure that your website contains all those keywords. There is another technical term, Relevancy, which is affected by quality of content on your website and also the quality and number of links received by your website from other websites (technically known as backlinks). We at 99 App Technologies keep SEO best-practices in mind while developing a website. We also believe in improving customers’ website content by offering professional copywriting and also have an expertise in finding the best backlinks for each individual business.

Why 99 App Technologies? We are there to help…

  • Guaranteed Results: We believe in high organic rankings and website traffic.
  • Established Business: We are an established website design company with more than 700 clients’ base.
  • 100% Indian: We are an Indian-owned company and our SEO professionals are Indian nationals.
  • Affordable: Our focus is on keeping the costs down and delivering the best SEO services.
  • Great Customer Service: We have a friendly and experienced team who is always available to help you.

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Keywords – 10

  • US$ 750 – Quarterly
  • US$ 1350 – Half Yearly
  • US$ 2500 – Yearly
  • Complete On-Site SEO
  • Complete Off-Site SEO
  • Bi-Monthly Report
  • Monthly Report
  • Back-Links – 100-120 per month


Keywords – 20

  • US$ 950 – Quarterly
  • US$ 1750 – Half Yearly
  • US$ 3100 – Yearly
  • Complete On-Site SEO
  • Complete Off-Site SEO
  • Bi-Monthly Report
  • Monthly Report
  • Back-Links – 180-200 per month


Keywords – 30

  • US$ 1250 – Quarterly
  • US$ 2200 – Half Yearly
  • US$ 3900 – Yearly
  • Complete On-Site SEO
  • Complete Off-Site SEO
  • Bi-Monthly Report
  • Monthly Report
  • Back-Links – 200-220 per month


Keywords – 40

  • US$ 1600 – Quarterly
  • US$ 3100 – Half Yearly
  • US$ 5600 – Yearly
  • Complete On-Site SEO
  • Complete Off-Site SEO
  • Bi-Monthly Report
  • Monthly Report
  • Back-Links – 220-250 per month

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