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Effective logo design will make your first impression last forever…

You know very well that the first and the foremost impression is the last impression, then why not make that impression last forever… An effective logo can definitely do it for you. An effective logo will communicate your brand and make you different from your competitors.

Your logo is the foremost face of your business and hence it is critically important to make sure that you have hired a professional and experienced logo designer for this job. We as a logo designer have delivered numerous business logos of exceptional quality. In our logo design department, we have a pool of talented and experienced people who design and create exceptional logos in order to put your business on the right trajectory.

We believe in offering unlimited design revisions until and unless you as a client are 100% percent satisfied. This quality of ours demonstrates our exceptional customer service. We have huge in-house logo designers’ team and hence you can rest assured that your logo is in the safe hands.

Fundamentals of Fantastic Business Logo


A simple and meaningful logo of a company communicates with the audience and conveys the right emotion effectively. Apart from being simple, a logo should have flat shapes and bold lines so that it does not look cluttered or confusing. Hence the best logo looks elegant and displays personality and values of your company.

Apart from simple business logo, there are other artistic things that should be considered.


For some of the best business logo designs, font does matter. For example, a business name that is written in the right font, which clearly indicates and conveys your brand identity with utmost simplicity.


Colours cannot be left out while designing a business logo and hence play an important role in giving the right perception of your brand. Colours may depend upon some of the eternal factors, such as age, gender and region. Most of the companies have one or two at most primary colours.


To mix up all the above mentioned ingredients in the balanced fashion is the responsibility of a professional logo designer; be it icon, be it text of your business name, be it any other small thing, everything need to be positioned in such a balanced and appropriate way that it looks like a unified entity.


Change is the only constant and hence in this ever changing world, you would also need to make changes to your current logo to touch the newer horizons that will keep coming your way. This requires your logo to possess complete versatility. Logo must have balanced icons and fonts and it should always be readable irrespective of the font size. Apart from these factors, the professional logo designers consider other factors too and plan proactively. Hence the responsibility of providing you with a style guide and other small things lies with the professional logo designer. Such designers also share the best way of using the logo at different places and across various channels.


The relevance of the logo for your business cannot be left out at any cost. The professional logo designers dig out their brains in designing the logo that talks the language of your business, your mission and your vision. The business logo should display your business objectives and not at all your personal taste. Hence anything that may be looking good but not supporting your business message should be avoided. A logo should without question emphasise power, connectivity and innovation. A message to be conveyed through a logo should be in sync with your audience as well.

To achieve all these things, you need to have a professional and one of the best logo designers. To cater to this requirement, we have an exceptional ability to understand business concepts and branding imagery and we create an effective corporate identity known as business logo. We take pride in sharing that we develop and deliver professional business logos in the most efficient fashion, which is economical too.

Why choose 99 App Technologies for logo designing?

  • Unlimited Design Revisions: Our experienced and professional logo designers will work with you till the time you love your logo design. We aim at our customers being 100% happy with the product we deliver.

  • Professional Approach: Our professional logo designers ensure quality under the supervision of experts and focus on maintaining the highest possible quality of your logo designs.

  • Economical: We provide you with unlimited design revisions with professional approach, which does not mean that we will charge you like anything. In fact the designs that we develop and deliver are quiet affordable.

  • Depth of Experience: Since 2006, we have delivered more than 2000 business logo designs. Our logo designers are exceptionally good and have worked with numerous clients from diverse verticals, enriching them with great depth of experience.

  • Creativity: We possess an expertise in creativity and also coined as clever, cool, original and understanding. We have exceptionally talented logo designers who strive for art and design of exponentially high quality.

99 App Technologies Logo Design Process

You can Call or email us to discuss your business logo or branding requirements. We have friendly and experienced consultants who can answer as many questions you may have.

The 99 App Technologies logo design process is very simple, which is explained below:

Steps-1: Logo Design Brief

Questionnaire for you to complete so that we can have better understanding of your business, business ideas and logo design

Steps-2: Initial Logo Concepts

In 3-7 days of the receipt of your design brief as answers to the questionnaire, we will deliver the initial logo concepts

Steps-3: Changed Logo Designs

Our professional logo designer will keep delivering the changed business logo until you are 100% satisfied with the design

Steps-4: Final Logo Design

Once you sign off the business logo design, our designer will deliver the final logo to you in the form of a professional “logo style guide” having the business logo, colours and fonts in all the formats

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