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Success of your website is achieved if it gets listed on top on Google and possesses high visibility among the people who are looking for your services and products. To achieve this, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one side of the coin and other side is Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC is a service that is run through Google Adwords. Google Adwords are designed in a way that it receives high quality traffic to your business website and in turn influence your business bottom line.

Pay Per Click – One of the best ways to attract visitors to your business website

Getting visible on the Internet or search engines is a crucial task, which makes us all feel depressed – if not achieved. It has a direct correlation with the business. At 99 App Technologies, we tailor Google Adwords in such a way that they appear on the search engine whenever your services or products are searched by someone on that search engine. We have an experienced, professional and reliable team of PPC experts who write Google Adwords and also perform keyword research and customise campaign of every client every single day. This is achieved by optimizing the Google Adwords constantly in order to get the best possible performance. We feel proud in sharing that we have helped more than 1000 Indian clients to get their business websites to the top with the help of this PPC mechanism. With this mechanism, we aim that our clients successfully achieve their business milestones.

There is no doubt that Quality is ahead of quantity

To get your business website on the top of the chart is not that difficult, if only quantity of the traffic to your website is required. If quality is that one thing you want to have, we are there to help. We run a Google Adwords campaign at 99 App Technologies and personalize it to each specific client so that you as a client exclusively receive visitors to your business website who are keenly searching for your specific services and products. Google Adwords also help us to target visitors via keywords and location. This in turn helps us to tailor a strategy that matches exactly with your business and its requirements.

Only pay for clicks on your website – no extra cost guaranteed

Would you like to pay for a service that you did not want? The PPC model comes with an ability, which enables you to pay for the services you need, which means you pay only when you receive clicks on your website (visitors to your website). In no time, PPC has become an online business channel that is one of the most cost-effective one. As we work with diverse clients (from different industries), we are committed to keep costs low and deliver effective results.

Why choose 99 App Technologies?

  • Great Reputation: We have helped more than 1000 businesses get on the top with the help of the Pay Per Click (PPC) mechanism.
  • Quality Web Design: We help you create an online business presence that is quality-driven.
  • Affordable: We possess expertise in keeping the costs down and provide you with high quality websites that are always on top.
  • Great Customer Service: We have professional and experienced team who is always there to help you.

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Google Ads Pricing

Our Google Ads Marketing Pricing categorization helps us to deliver the results which our customers expect from PPC Services. Our PPC Packages enable our clients to achieve their Google ads marketing goals while being in full control of advertising cost.

Basic PPC Packages

Advanced PPC Packages

Enterprise PPC Packages
600 USD Per Month 1100 USD Per Month 1600 USD Per Month
Campaign – 1 Campaign – 3 Campaign – 10
AD Groups – 3 AD Groups – 10 AD Groups – 20
AD Copies – Maximum 10 AD Copies – Maximum 20 AD Copies – Maximum 50
No. of Keywords-50 No. of Keywords-100 No. of Keywords-150
Search Ads Search Ads Search Ads
Display Ads Display Ads Display Ads
Gmail Ads Gmail Ads Gmail Ads
Video Ads Video Ads Video Ads
Shopping Ads Shopping Ads Shopping Ads
App Promotion Ads App Promotion Ads App Promotion Ads
Remarketing List Remarketing List Remarketing List
Conversion Tracking Conversion Tracking Conversion Tracking
Competitor Analysis – Yes Competitor Analysis – Yes Competitor Analysis – Yes
Keyword Optimization – Yes Keyword Optimization – Yes Keyword Optimization – Yes
Ad Copy Optimization – Yes Ad Copy Optimization – Yes Ad Copy Optimization – Yes
ROI Analysis ROI Analysis ROI Analysis
Landing Page Optimization Landing Page Optimization Landing Page Optimization
Reports – Monthly Reports – Monthly Reports – Monthly
Dedicated Account Manager Dedicated Account Manager Dedicated Account Manager
Support – Email,Chat Support – Email,Chat Support – Email,Chat
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Note: This are standard PPC Packages and as per client’s requirements, pricing may go up.

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